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SURUCHI EYE HOSPITAL & LASIK CENTRE– Navi Mumbai Best Eye Hospital & Best Lasik Centre for Lasik Surgery at affordable cost, Airoli, Mulund, Thane, Mumbai, Ghansoli, Koparkhairne, Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Kharghar, Panvel, Dombivli, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Mira Bhayander, Badlapur, Ambernath, Bhiwandi & India. We provide ROBOTIC CATARACT SURGERY, BLADELESS CONTOURA LASIK, Glaucoma, Retina and Advanced Eye Care (Facilities) and Eye Treatment by Dr. Rajesh Kapoor. We welcome you all to a Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Best Eye care centre, Best Eye clinic situated in Beautiful City of Navi Mumbai, Airoli.

Suruchi Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has been Awarded as BEST RATED and TOP EYE HOSPITAL in Navi Mumbai,Thane. We have Best Eye Specialists, Best Eye Surgeons, Best Eye Doctors. We provide Best Eye Care, Best Cataract surgery & Best Lasik surgery for Navi Mumbai, Airoli, Thane, Mulund, Mumbai, Ghansoli, Koparkhairne, Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Kharghar, Panvel, Dombivli, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Mira Bhayander, Badlapur, Ambernath, Vasai, Virar, Bhiwandi & India.

Dr. Rajesh Kapoor, Director of Suruchi Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre & his Team provides latest Facilities for ROBOTIC CATARACT MICROSURGERY using Laser Biometry by most Precise IOL MASTER 700 for Premium MULTIFOCALS & TORIC IOLs with most Advanced Leica & Zeiss Lumera MICROSCOPES, with VERION IMAGE GUIDED SYSTEM, CENTURION VISION SYSTEM and LAMINAR AIR FLOW facility in Operation Theatre leading to fast and Safe recovery at Affordable cost.

Dr. Rajesh Kapoor, Prominent LASIK SURGEON doing BLADELESS CONTOURA LASIK, Laser eye surgery, Laser Vision Correction to remove Glasses, in Navi Mumbai, Airoli, Thane, Mulund, Mumbai & India.

RETINA CLINIC is Equipped by 3D-High Definition Optovue OCT, and Patients are treated for Diabetic Retinopathy by Lasers, Intravitreal Injections and Retinal Surgery, All Retinal diseases like Macular Degeneration are treated & all Retinal Surgeries like Retinal Detachment Surgery are done with Latest Technology.

GLAUCOMA CLINIC is Equipped with Humphrey Perimetry, Pachymetry, OCT, Digital Tonometry, Gonioscopy. Latest Medical and Surgical treatments for Glaucoma are done.

PAEDIATRIC EYE CARE CLINIC takes care of All eye Problems for children. Squint Surgery and other Eye Surgeries for children are done with great care. CORNEA & OCULOPLASTIC CLINIC takes care of Complex Eye Diseases. DRY EYE Evaluation is done by ME-CHECK MGD Screening System and DRY EYE TREATMENT is done by Advanced EYE LIGHT MODULATION Treatment Technology. COMPREHENSIVE EYE CHECK UP and Treatment for Eye Infections, Eye Injuries and other Eye Diseases is done with great care in a very friendly manner. We also provide world-class OPTICAL SERVICES.

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Surgeon in Navi Mumbai
-Dr. Rajesh Kapoor
Robotic Cataract Microsurgery & CONTOURA Lasik Specialist, Best Ophthalmologist, ASCRS & AIOS Member, Award Achiever
Dr Rajesh Kapoor

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suruchi eye hospital best eye hospital in navi mumbai

Suruchi Eye Hospital has been awarded BEST BUSINESS since 2018 by ThreeBestRated


Dr. Rajesh Kapoor has been awarded for EXCELLENCE IN OPHTHALMOLOGY in Navi Mumbai 2017

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It’s a nice quiet area with all the facilities and services. What I like most about this shospital is the service. The staff is great, up-to-date and always smiling.The Doctor is soft-spoken and guided us very kindly. They are so good at follow ups and reminders for the pre and post check up and also returned the deposit without asking for it. We didn’t even realize that we were there to operate my mother in law’s eye. It was a pleasant experience overall.Very happy and pleased with this hospital and highly recommend it. Thanks for making it really easy for us😇. Definitely 5 starts⭐

-Apeksha Patidar

Best service, good staff and great work with reasonable price as per budget. I loved the place

-Amey Parulekar

Good facility , well management nice experience , doctors are good.

-Prakash Botle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cataracts usually develop due to aging, or disease, injury, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Treatment options for cataracts vary depending on the type of cataract and its severity, but generally involve surgery to remove the cataract.

 At Suruchi Eye Hospital, our experienced ophthalmic surgeons will perform a comprehensive eye examination to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

To diagnose a cataract, our doctors will perform a comprehensive eye examination that comprises a visual acuity test to measure your vision, a refraction test to determine your eyeglass prescription and dilate your eyes to examine the lens and retina for any signs of cataract. 

Our experienced ophthalmologists will also assess the health of your eyes using a slit-lamp exam and other specialized tests. A cataract diagnosis is made after careful assessment of all these results.

Yes! Cataract surgery in summer is perfectly safe. At Suruchi Eye hospital, we understand our patients needs and offer the highest quality cataract surgery available, no matter the time of year. 

Our doctors have years of experience and are highly trained in all aspects of eye care, with special focus on cataract surgery during summer months so you can be sure that your procedure will be performed with safety and efficiency.

Diabetic Retinopathy is a complication that develops due to diabetes. The condition affects the tiny blood vessels in the retina. Symptoms can include blurry vision, spots or dark strings floating in your vision, and difficulty seeing at night. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to see an eye specialist as soon as possible. At Suruchi Eye Hospital, our team of specialists will be happy to help diagnose and treat any eye conditions you may be facing.

Most patients can begin to see the results of LASIK surgery as soon as 24 hours after the procedure. 

However, it is important to note that visual clarity continues to improve for up to several months following the operation. At Suruchi Eye Hospital, we are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome and will continue to monitor your progress post-surgery.

Absolutely! You can start using a mobile device as soon as your eyes are feeling better. However, you should take extra precaution to protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by the device screens.

 We suggest that you limit the use of these devices to short periods and use an anti-blue light or glare filter to reduce any further straining of your eyes.

LASIK surgery is an effective surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In most cases, LASIK will improve your vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses. 

However, the procedure does not increase your eye power beyond what you normally have. Your optometrist will discuss with you if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery and how it can benefit your vision overall.

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that majorly damages the optic nerve and can cause vision loss if left untreated. Symptoms typically include gradual vision loss, blurred vision, seeing halos around objects, tunnel vision, and eye pain or redness. 

Early and consistent diagnosis is important to reduce the risk of further damage to your sight. At Suruchi Eye Hospital, we specialize in early Glaucoma diagnosis so you can stay one step ahead of this potentially blinding disease.

At Suruchi Eye Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of Glaucoma treatments. Depending on the severity and cause of your condition, our experienced ophthalmologists will develop the best possible treatment plan for you. 

The options include topical medications, laser surgery, microsurgery as well as medical management. Our team will also provide the necessary lifestyle adjustments to help minimize any further damage to your vision.

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