Comprehensive Eye Checkup

Everyone who visits SURUCHI EYE CENTRE undergoes Comprehensive Eye Checkup. You are greeted by warm Reception. Optometrists records vision and takes detailed history of your eye problems. History of your old glasses numbers, contact lenses, previous eye surgery, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Problems or any other surgery performed is taken. This all helps in proper management of your eye problems.

After initial examination eye drops are put to dilate your eyes. This takes some time but this is very important for detailed eye checkup. Waiting area is very comfortable.

Then Dr. RAJESH KAPOOR examines your eyes. You go through following examinations:

  • Slit lamp biomicroscopic examinations.
  • Auto Refracto Keratometry.
  • Applanation Tonometry.
  • Detailed Fundus / Retinal Examination.

If there is no problem, you are asked to visit after six months. If required you are given Glasses prescription. If your eye pressure is high you are referred for Glaucoma Clinic. If you have some Retinal problem, you are given appointment for Retinal Clinic. Accordingly special care is taken for Paediatric (children) patients and those with Oculoplasty problems. Patients with Dry Eyes are Evaluated On Dry eye Scanner and Advised Advanced Light Modulation treatment if required.

We provide world class Optical Services for those who need Glasses. Small children and Emergency patients are given utmost importance.

You are treated as our extended family member.