Most common questions asked before LASIK surgery

Most common questions asked before lasik surgery

LASIK is a common and popular technique for vision correction. LASIK is an abbreviation for “Laser Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis,” It is one of the most effective vision correction surgeries. The technique was first used during the 1990s. It is the most frequently used surgical method for correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK is completely safe, with a high patient satisfaction and success rate.

However, here are some common questions that may arise in our minds before we undergo one:


Who is an eligible candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

It is critical to be LASIK-eligible before undergoing the procedure. Your LASIK surgeon will perform some tests to assess corneal shape and strength before determining whether or not you are a candidate for LASIK.

Several conditions are taken into account when determining eligibility.

A person who is a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Should have a sufficient corneal thickness for surgery
  • Have consistent glass power
  • Should not have any history of eye disease, scarring or infection.
  • Should not have autoimmune diseases such as HIV, AIDS, or Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Should not be pregnant or breastfeeding


How will the eye surgeon perform the LASIK surgery?

LASIK yields the best results when done by an experienced, well-qualified, and trained eye surgeon. Suruchi Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has the best eye specialist in Navi Mumbai, having extensive experience in all types of eye surgeries.

Coming back to LASIK, in this procedure, the highly computer-guided lasers reshape the eye to correctly focus light on the retina at the back of the eye.

To begin, the surgeon will place anesthetic eye drops in the eye to ensure a painless procedure. Its purpose is to numb the eyes. The lids are then secured with a small eyelid clip to prevent them from closing.

The surgeon will create a thin “flap” of the cornea. After that, the flap is folded back. It is performed to allow a surgeon access to the stroma (underlying cornea). A laser beam is used to remove a small portion of the cornea using a computer-guided laser. The procedure helps in reshaping the cornea.

After laser surgery, the light is precisely focused on the retina. The message is then transmitted to the brain by optic nerves, which convert it into a clear image.


Is LASIK surgery painful?

When performing the surgery, the eye surgeon will use anesthetic drops in your eyes. It has a numbing effect on the eyes. As a result, you will not experience any pain during the procedure. Overall, the operation is painless.

After the numbing effect of the surgery wears off, you may experience mild pain. Following surgery, the doctor will prescribe some medications and eye drops. If necessary, a pain reliever can be taken.


How much time does it take to recover from a LASIK surgery?

The majority of patients have clear vision within 24 hours, with some taking 36-48 hours. You must see your doctor within 24-48 hours of surgery. Our doctor will examine your eye and check your vision during your first postoperative visit. In addition, he may also prescribe you certain medications (eye drops).


What results should you expect from LASIK surgery?

LASIK improves uncorrected vision (vision without corrective lenses) in most patients who have the procedure. More than half of all patients can expect 20/20 vision or better.

Did you know?

Over 90% of patients with low to moderate myopia achieve 20/40 vision, the bare minimum required by most states and provinces to drive without using contacts or glasses.


There are no guarantees, however, that you will have perfect vision, and patients with high myopia and hyperopia should have different expectations. People are satisfied the most with the results of laser correction when they have realistic expectations of their vision after surgery.


Is LASIK surgery safe?

According to several large studies, there is only a minor chance of intraoperative complication rate and very less chance of postoperative complication rate.The rate of severe complications is much lower. It is quite crucial for patients to understand that LASIK is a surgical procedure with a small risk of complications.

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