Lasik Treatment & Recovery: Tips to Heal Faster After Lasik Surgery

Lasik Treatment & Recovery

Lasik Treatment is a life-changing surgery that provides ultimate freedom to a person from their glasses. The surgery is fairly easy to get and takes about 30 minutes or less to complete. With some Lasik aftercare, you can say goodbye to your contact lenses and glasses for good. 

Getting flustered about the whole post-Lasik care tips is common. To simplify things, we have come down with the breakdown of Lasik recovery tips to provide our readers with valuable insight. We have covered you, from surgery recovery time to the do’s and don’ts. 

Post-surgery tips for a steady recovery

Post-Lasik care tips can be tricky to maintain, but it ties to your recovery time. The better you take care of your eyes, the more steady recovery you can expect. Your eye surgeon can well explain lasik aftercare but these general tips will go a long way.

1. Avoid putting strains on your eye

Our eyes are delicate, and it needs proper care, even more after surgery. Avoid staring at electronic devices for long hours as it can stress them a lot. Reading newspapers or books for a long time can also strain your eyes, slowing down the healing process.

2. Avoid touching your eyes 

Irritations after eye surgery are a common side effect, but not rubbing or touching them is highly recommended. Avoid touching your eyes to avoid further eye complications. Any external pressure on your eyes can also worsen the situation, which is undesirable.

3. Use prescribed eye drops 

use eye drops

After the surgery, the chances are that your surgeon will prescribe an eye drop for Lasik aftercare. Make sure that you use it for the prescribed period. Eye drops help to keep your eye hydrated and allow for a faster recovery.

 4. Avoid strenuous physical activity 

Try to dial down on any outdoor activity or physical activity in general. Playing any form of sports or heavy lifting puts a lot of pressure on your body, slowing down your recovery. Avoid putting physical stress on your body for a week or so.

5. Do not miss out on the Follow-up Visits 

After the surgery, one has to go through several follow-up visits to the Lasik surgeon to monitor the healing process. Expert supervision is a key part of Lasik aftercare to avoid eye complications. Make sure to be regular on the follow-up visits as per the requirement.

6. Wear sunglasses or eye protectors outdoor

Lasik recovery tips also include using a proper eye protector outdoors. It can be sunglasses or normal glasses to protect your eyes from harsh lights and flushes. Even a gush of wind can damage your vulnerable eyes, so a protective cover is necessary.

7. Take a Rest

A resting phase is needed after surgery, and a Lasik treatment is no different. Relaxing your body reduces stress and enables steady healing. Stay rooted to the surgeon’s prescriptions, and your eyes will heal in no time.

How long does it take for the eyes to heal after Lasik treatment?

Immediately after surgery, your surgeon recommends not opening or resting  your eyes for 2  hours. If things go right, the Lasik surgery recovery time is about a week  before you can continue your regular activities. However, follow-ups are a must to monitor and detect any post-surgical anomalies.

While you are in the recovery phase, try to maintain all the above-mentioned Lasik recovery tips for faster healing.

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