Robotic vs Traditional Phaco cataract surgery: which is right for you

Robotic Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure to treat the cloudy natural lens of eye- the cataract. The eye lens is transparent and clear, allowing light to enter and focus on retina(the inner most layer).But the cloudy or cataract lens hinder the process, making vision unclear.

Hence, the cataract surgery aims to replace the cataract lens with a clear, artificial intraocular lens (IOL) for restoring clear vision.

Traditional Phaco and Robotic cataract surgery are primarily two methods of removing cataracts. In this blog we will discuss about both and benefits of Robotic cataract surgery.

Robotic Cataract surgery

During the Robotic treatment for cataract surgery, surgeons create a customized surgical plan with a Image Guided System using advanced imaging technology. 

The surgeons precisely map out the unique characteristics of your eyes and cataracts. A precise 2.2 mm tiny incision is made in the cornea at a precise location.

 Then, Zepto Robotic technology is used to make a Precise round capsulotomy by opening the capsule that holds the natural lens.

 Then, the cataract surgery is performed by the most advanced Alcon Centurion Vision system.your surgeon will use a minimal amount of phaco energy to break up the cloudy buildup in the lens. After this, the fragmented cataract material is removed, and the foldable intraocular lens (IOL) replaces the cataract lens through this self sealing tiny incision.

No injection, No stitch and No eye pad is used.You can go home in some time.

Benefits of Robotic cataract surgery

The benefits include the following:

  • The precision reduces the risk of capsule tears, which may be neglected during traditional surgery.
  • There is a low risk of corneal damage because it requires less energy to break up the cataract.
  • It allows personalized treatment because it can be tailored to individual patient’s eyes, improve outcomes and address specific visual needs.
  • The corneal incisions are tiny & predictable, resulting in safe & fast visual recovery.
  • Patients can choose from the most advanced foldable IOL lenses, such as Monofocal, Toric, EDOF & Trifocals and customize the procedure to the patient’s particular needs and lifestyle.
  • The artificial lens (IOL) placed during the procedure, remains permanently in the eye and gives long-lasting results.

Traditional cataract surgery

Traditional cataract surgery is also known as extracapsular cataract extraction(ECCE), in which a bigger incision is made on the side of the cornea to remove a cloudy lens. The significant difference between traditional and Robotic cataract surgery is in the technology used.

A handheld instrument is used to cut the incision and to remove the lens. Bigger incision takes more time to heal and may need a suture & eye pad.

Advanced IOL lenses like Torics, EDOF & Trifocals do not give optimum results due astigmatism caused by bigger incisions.

Benefits of traditional cataract surgery

Traditional cataract surgery benefits include:

  • It is a well-established procedure and widely practiced method having a long history of successful outcomes.
  • It may be suggested in complicated cases.
  • It is less costly as advanced technology is not used.

What is the success rate of Robotic cataract surgery?

The success rate of Robotic cataract eye surgery is typically very high, due to precision and safety of cataract surgery with advanced technology, showing excellent outcomes for most patients. 

Robotic vs traditional cataract surgery: what to choose?

Which cataract surgery is right for you depends on many factors which can only be accessed by your eye surgeon. Both methods are safe and have a high success rate. You should consult your Eye Surgeon before opting for any treatment method, allowing you to decide which treatment is right for you.

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